Voot Mod Apk Latest v5.0.8 (Ad Free, Premium Unlocked)

Voot Mod Apk ranks among the top streaming apps, attracting viewers to renowned shows such as Bigg Boss, MTV, Splitsvilla, and Roadies.

Android Android 5.0Entertainment
3.3 ( 589 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Voot
Publisher Viacom18-Digital-Media
Genre Entertainment
Size 25 MB
Version 5.0.8
Update Feb 21, 2024
MOD Premium Unlocked, NO ADS
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Mod Version 5.0.8
Voot is the most famous version in the Voot series of publisher Viacom18 Digital Media

Voot Mod Apk, a top-tier streaming app, lures viewers with popular shows like Bigg Boss, MTV, Splitsvilla, and Roadies. While it operates on a freemium model, requiring payment for premium features, Voot stands out by allowing users to enjoy all content, including premium shows, without a subscription. Downloading the latest version from simplemodapk.com provides cost-free access to a diverse range of entertainment, making Voot the go-to platform in India for reality shows, TV series, children’s programs, and movies.

Voot Mod Apk 1

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Enjoy TV Shows Anytime

What’s more, with a free Voot app membership, users can indulge in their favourite TV series from a range of channels, including Colours, Tamil, Comedy Central, Colours Hindi, Colours Telugu, and many more. It’s a convenient and cost-effective way to enjoy premium content and stay entertained.

Movies for Every Mood

The Voot app is a treasure trove of both classic and contemporary films, ensuring a constant source of entertainment for its users. What’s more, the latest version of the Voot mod apk offers valuable recommendations, helping individuals discover outstanding movies. With a content library boasting over 80,000 hours of captivating content spanning various genres, languages, and target audiences, Voot stands as a top-tier ad-supported OTT application.

Free Entertainment

For those seeking uninterrupted access to high-quality shows and movies without any cost, Voot is the ultimate solution. The Voot Premium Mod Apk unlocks access to the most popular TV shows from channels like Colours Kannada, Colours Gujarati, Colours Bangla, Colours Marathi, and even Comedy Central. It’s your ticket to a world of entertainment at your fingertips.

More Choices, More Fun

The Voot HD mod apk boasts an extensive selection of movies, TV shows, channels, and diverse media content, each offering its own unique and captivating appeal. Notably, Voot is the official streaming partner for India’s most popular reality show, Bigg Boss, and hosts several other beloved programs. One of the remarkable features of the Voot app is the ability for users to vote for their favourite contestants on major reality shows, enhancing their chances of victory.

Voot Mod Apk 2

Voot Mod Apk Survey:

The Voot Select Mod APK is like a language wizard that makes sure everyone gets to savour their favourite content hassle-free. This app is incredibly versatile, speaking languages like English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, and many more. It’s a true delight for Indian viewers, but guess what? It’s not an exclusive Indian party; there’s a global shindig happening too!

So, in the world of Voot Mod APK, it’s like having a magic wand. You can wave it to discover international shows and movies that tickle your fancy. And when you’re in Voot Premium Mod APK territory, it’s like stepping into an entertainment treasure chest. There’s an endless supply of shows to keep fans grinning from ear to ear!

Buckle up for a language-friendly, content-rich ride with the Voot Select Mod APK. It’s the place where language barriers disappear, and the entertainment possibilities are limitless!

Get ready to dive into the thrilling world of Big Boss like never before! With the Bigg Boss Auto 24/7 feature, you can peek behind the scenes anytime you want. It’s not just about watching episodes; it’s a full-blown adventure. The Voot Mod APK is your magic carpet to explore all the fantastic features it offers.

Voot Mod Apk 3

Now, when it comes to Voot Mod APK Premium Unlocked, it’s like hitting the jackpot! You get to enjoy all those premium features without spending a dime. There’s a smorgasbord of famous shows, TV channels, and movie collections to choose from-truly mind-boggling! Plus, there’s a treasure trove of unlocked features just waiting for you in this Voot application.

Premium content? You’ve got it! In every language you desire, it’s all there for your viewing pleasure. So, get ready for the ultimate entertainment extravaganza with Voot, where premium means it’s all unlocked and the adventure never ends!

Voot Mod Apk 4

Description of Voot Mod Apk:

Get ready for an even more exciting streaming experience with Voot Mod APK TV shows. Now, you can add a sprinkle of drama to your entertainment mix! Dive into the world of drama shows on Voot for a truly enjoyable time. And guess what? In the Voot VIP Unlocked Mod APK, there’s a treasure trove of drama shows with massive collections just waiting for you.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Voot Select brings you a bouquet of thrilling shows for endless entertainment. With the Voot application, you’re not just watching; you’re grooving to the music and catching your favourite TV shows live. Imagine tuning in to MTV Unplugged, Coke Studio, and much more.

But here’s the real treat: you can make Voot your own and craft your movie-watching experience. With simple control icons at your fingertips, you’re in the director’s seat. And in the Voot Mod APK No Ads latest version, you won’t be bothered by pesky ads when you’re engrossed in something essential. This is your ad-free zone, where your entertainment flows seamlessly without interruptions.

Voot Mod Apk 5

The Voot Mod APK is like a golden ticket to unlimited entertainment—it’s all about giving you endless options to have a blast! With this modded version, you can enjoy all the premium features without reaching for your wallet. Yep, you heard that right; no payments are needed here for the latest and greatest features.

Now, in the world of Voot Mod APK Unlimited Everything, there’s a vast array of channels to explore. It’s like having a buffet of choices. Plus, the magic doesn’t stop there; you can even download your favourite shows for free.

Voot Mod Apk 6

Voot Mod Apk Features:

  • Unlocked everything
  • Unlimited Movies & shows
  • Live TV channels
  • Different Languages
  • Drama shows
  • Originals
  • Reality shows

Unlocked Everything:

This fantastic feature is like your money-saving best friend. It’s your golden ticket to a world of premium content without the hefty membership price tag. You’re no longer locked out of those premium goodies because they’re all unlocked and ready for your enjoyment.

So, let’s raise a glass to optimism! With this application, the world of premium content is your playground. No more worrying about shelling out cash; it’s all about embracing the goodness that’s now right at your fingertips. Cheers to a brighter and more budget-friendly way of enjoying premium content!

Unlimited Movies & Shows:

With the Voot application, it’s like having a treasure chest of new shows, movies, and videos right at your fingertips. You won’t miss a beat because you can catch all the latest TV shows as soon as they hit the airwaves. in the Voot APK Free Subscription, you’re in for an endless stream of movies and shows, all on the house! It’s your ticket to non-stop entertainment without the price tag. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the world of entertainment at your convenience.

Live TV Channels:

With the Voot application, you’ve got a front-row seat to all the shows that hit your TV screen, but with a cool twist: you can watch them live right here on the Voot app! It’s like carrying your personal TV in your pocket.

And you know what’s even more fascinating? For those who don’t have a TV at home, this app is pure gold. You can tune in to live TV channels 24/7, without a break. It’s like having TV on-demand, wherever you are. So, whether you’re at home or on the go, your favorite shows are just a tap away. It’s entertainment at your convenience!

Voot Mod Apk 7

Different Languages:

In the world of this application, you’re the boss when it comes to languages. You get to pick and choose, like a kid in a candy store! Imagine savouring your favourite shows in the language that feels just right for you.

And the cool thing is, there’s a whole array of languages in this modded version. It’s not just about regional languages; you can go international too. So, whether you’re into local flavours or global delights, it’s all about making your viewing experience as comfy as your favourite old chair. It’s like a language buffet waiting for you, so go ahead and enjoy your shows in style!

Drama Shows:

The Voot app also offers a wide variety of dramas. The drama is based on what the audience wants to see. It will be either new or old, allowing viewers to watch both the newest dramas and long-gone programmes. This software perfectly satisfies users’ needs; they may binge-watch their favourite dramas and TV episodes on it.


You’ve got the power to watch shows that are streaming on Voot as they happen. But here’s the inside scoop: if you’ve got your heart set on those fabulous Voot Originals, you’d typically need to grab a premium plan if you want to indulge without opening your wallet. It’s all about choice and flexibility, my friend. So, go ahead and enjoy your favourite streaming shows while keeping the premium originals as an option whenever you’re ready to take the plunge!

Reality Shows:

This Voot application offers a wide variety of reality shows, including Bigg Boss. With the help of this Voot Choice mod apk TV, you may watch Bigg Boss. The majority of people enjoy watching reality television, and these programmes have a large following. They have access to their favourite reality shows round the clock.

This wonderful programme allows users to watch shows in languages other than English or Hindi. People will be able to watch videos in any language on Voot. They have access to worldwide programming.

Voot Mod Apk 8

Regional Channels:

This wonderful programme allows users to watch episodes in languages other than English or Hindi. People will be able to watch videos in any language on Voot. They have access to worldwide programming.

How To Install the Voot Mod Apk On Your Android Device:

Follow these steps to install Voot Mod Apk. We hope you won’t face any problems if you follow these steps:

  • If you get this great app, you won’t have any problems.
  • First, you press the install button.
  • Then you accept the “confirmation” message on your mobile device to confirm the installation.
  • You press the “Yes” icon to get the App.
  • Then, a file will start downloading to your mobile, which takes some time.
  • Once the download is complete, go to “File Manager” and search for the apk file.
  • Open the file in your “File Manager” and click the “Install” icon to continue.
  • After some time, you will see the “Voot Mod Apk” on your mobile.

But if you face any problems, then you can change some settings on your mobile.

  • First of all, open your mobile “Settings.”
  • And search for the “Security section” on your mobile and enable it.
  • Then click on “Unknown sources” on your mobile and enable it.
  • Now you can again press the download button and download this stunning application.
  • Once you have successfully installed the App, launch it and enjoy all the premium features.


Voot Mod Apk One of the most well-known streaming softwares is Voot Mod Apk. The application is from India. People can view all reality shows, international shows, movies, dramas, music, and much more with this application. They can watch their preferred drama or one in their native tongue or location. People can download anything through this Voot application, which is free of advertising. Installing this Voot Premium Mod Apk on computers and mobile devices is free. Quickly download the Voot app from our website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Que: Is it a free version of Voot?

Ans: Yes, Voot Mod is free to download.

Que: Does this mod file contain viruses?

Ans: No, it’s totally safe and filtered by different anti-virus software.

Que: Is Voot Mod available on Android?

Ans: up, it works on any device. Grab it now for free, with the premium version unlocked.

Download (25 MB)

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